Height: 164 feet Length: Not Available Mass: Not Available

Running Speed: Moderate

Powers: - Electric Ray: Jiras can fire an electric ray from his mouth this beam can cause small fires and shatter rock.

First Appearance: Ultraman: The Mysterious Dinosaur Base (1966)

Human Kills: Not Available Fight Record: Wins: 0, Losses: 1, Ties: 0

Home World: Earth Origin: Japan Type: Man-Made

History: Once every night, the scientist who created him would go out to feed him. Jiras would sleep in the day and be active at night. The lake used to be low with fish, but all at once, began to team with them, so the Science Patrol was called in.

During their investigation two of the members (the others were on vacation) talked to the scientist about dinosaurs and such. One night, Jiras became active and lured the attention of Eto and his partner. Taking a closer look to investigate, they soon found a cave and entered it.

As they pressed on, they found a door that led into the scientist's lab and soon found the scientist looking strait at them and then caged them. As Eto and Cubo are reported missing more of the team comes looking for them.

In the lake, a group of fisherman throw poison in the lake to bring fish up, while this does work, it also raises Jiras. The scientist races towards the kaiju as the Science Patrol attacks it with lasers. These have little effect and the scientist soon arrives, pushing them out of the way. The scientist runs forward, but is soon stepped on by the monster and advances to his lab.

The Science Patrol attempts to stop it some more before the rest of them rescue Eto and Cubo. Their guns soon run out of energy, but Eto and Cubo are soon freed just as Jiras begins to trash the place, but Hyata quickly turns into Ultraman before he can finish.

Jiras roared a challenge and the two starred each other down and soon showed him his own beam. Throwing a rock into the air and blasting it, Ultraman did the same, and then the fight was on. Jiras charged forward twice, but both times was pushed back. Jiras open fired with the beam but Ultraman dodged and jumped forward, ripping the frill off of Jiras. Using the frill like a cape to a bull and then throwing it aside, Ultraman charged, quickly throwing the dinosaur to the ground. Jiras soon got up and both charged forward and while passing the kaiju, Ultraman impaled his hand into Jiras' side and quickly pulled it out, killing the saurian for good.